Hair Loss

Treating the Problem Before It Is Too Late

Hair Loss San Diego, California

Hair Loss La Jolla

Hair loss is a distressing problem that impacts both men and women. It can evolve in many different ways from rapid decline to a more chronic and subtle thinning. Dr. Darrell Gonzales understands how concerning hair loss can be for any individual. He has specialized training in the evaluation and treatment of hair loss and is ready to help at his San Diego, California practice, located in the coastal community of La Jolla.

Medical Knowledge and the Evaluation of Hair Loss

Although all of us lose up to 200 hairs a day through natural hair loss, some individuals have an underlying medical issue that can trigger an even greater amount of hair decline. The underlying causes of increased hair loss can be extensive, but may include a systemic problem such as thyroid issues, iron deficiency, autoimmune disorders, medications, or a genetic predisposition. Hair loss can also be secondary to mechanical issues such as the way an individual treats and styles his or her hair. At his medical office in La Jolla, Dr. Darrell Gonzales has helped patients throughout the greater San Diego area identify the underlying cause of their hair loss, and can do the same for you. As with most medical problems, it is better to identify and treat your hair loss early before it is too late to stimulate new and healthy hair growth.

Partnering with Your Dermatologist for Evaluation and Treatment

Hair loss is no fun for anyone. It can be alarming to see your hair density declining and stressful to consider how much more hair might be lost. Dr. Darrell Gonzales recognizes how hair loss impacts the quality of his patients' lives and is ready to listen and help. As a board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Gonzales has specialized training in the evaluation and treatment of hair loss. He will take a systematic approach to help identify the cause of your hair loss and will team with you to generate a treatment strategy.

Learn More about Hair Loss Treatments

To take the first steps in identifying the cause of your hair loss, contact Dr. Darrell Gonzales in San Diego, California today. Remember, by treating hair loss early, you increase your chances of successfully preserving most or all of your hair.

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