Choosing the Best Dermatologist for You

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Four Tips for Choosing the Best Dermatologist


Consider this: As your body’s largest organ, your skin measures, on average, a whopping 22 square feet and weighs an average of 20 pounds. This vast organ is also arguably one of your most important since it’s your first line of defense between your body and the outside world — in other words, your skin quite literally bears the brunt of the world.


At Coastal Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology, with several locations in the San Diego area, we believe that choosing the right dermatologist is one of the most important decisions you can make, given the enormous role your skin plays in your overall health and well-being.


To ensure that your skin performs its best, while maintaining a vibrant and healthy glow, here are four tips you should consider when choosing the best dermatologist for you.


The proper credentials

In choosing a dermatologist, a great place to start is to check out the doctor’s credentials. A medical degree isn’t easy to come by and requires years of study, but determining the best of the best can be daunting. We suggest that you begin by reviewing where the dermatologists obtained their medical degrees and where they completed their residencies.


But don’t stop there, because dermatologists shouldn’t, either. The next step in your research should target the doctor’s ongoing education and affiliations. For example, you should look for board certifications, which are given only to dermatologists who’ve undergone a thorough selection process. A board certification tells you that the dermatologist keeps up on state-of-the-art technologies, the latest science, and cutting-edge techniques.


At Coastal Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology, both Dr. Darrell Gonzales and Dr. Alyssa Nash-Goelitz graduated magna cum laude from their elite medical schools and are board-certified dermatologists.

Public opinion matters

When you want to find a plumber or book a hotel room, you may wander into the online reviews to get a better feel for the professional you’re about to hire or the product you’re about to purchase. It’s no different when it comes to choosing the right dermatologist. At Coastal Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology, the practice has received the ultimate in reviews — recognition in The San Diego Union-Tribune annual reader’s poll, “San Diego’s Best.” In 2017, Dr. Gonzales was chosen as the best cosmetic dermatologist in San Diego and, in 2016, Coastal Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology was voted among the top cosmetic dermatology groups.

Range of services

Because your skin undergoes a fair amount of abuse as it protects your body, it’s also subject to damage and disease, from skin cancer to premature aging. In choosing a dermatologist, check to see that the practice offers a full slate of services, allowing you the peace of mind knowing that you’re receiving the best care for all of your skin’s needs by professionals who are familiar with your health and cosmetic goals.


At Coastal Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology, we believe that healthy skin should look as good as it performs. On the medical side, we tackle everything from skin cancer screening to psoriasis, while our cosmetic side offers the latest anti-aging treatments, fat reduction techniques, and many other minimally invasive procedures that will keep your skin in the pink of health. By delivering comprehensive care that addresses your skin from both medical and aesthetic perspectives, we have you covered as well as your skin does.

Location, location, location

Let’s face it: Our lives are busy and convenience is paramount. When researching dermatologists, we suggest you look for a practice with multiple medical specialists who can address your concerns or issues in the most timely and effective manner.


At Coastal Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology, we offer several locations in the San Diego area, and each is staffed by knowledgeable and friendly skin care specialists who provide individualized and compassionate care to all their patients.


If you’d like to find out more about the extensive dermatological care at Coastal Medical & Cosmetic Dermatology, please give us a call. We’d be happy answer any of your questions or set up an initial consultation. You can also use our online booking tool to schedule a visit. We look forward to providing you with the best care available.


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